Lyons root canal

Lyons Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Lyons

Having tooth pain and other alarming symptoms, including possible swelling and even pus put you on high alert, and rightly so. There is good news, however. Here at Brookfield Smiles Inc., we are pleased to offer an effective, though often misunderstood treatment: root canal therapy. Some people are under the impression that it’s a scary procedure, that it’s surgery, and that they are going to experience pain as part of it. The truth is much more reassuring.

In reality, our Lyons root canal isn’t scary at all. It’s not even surgery, but rather a treatment that has no cutting, no stitches, and no bandages as part of it. And most of our patients report back to us that they felt very little discomfort or none at all during it. A big part of the reason for this is that our Lyons root canal benefits from modern techniques and advanced equipment. Somewhat ironically, while some people fear the procedure, it is not the cause of pain but the relief for the pain that your tooth is in already. Plus, you will receive a sufficient amount of local anesthesia to ensure that you are enjoy maximum comfort. Among the most typical symptoms that indicate you might need root canal therapy are pain when putting pressure on the tooth or when chewing food, sensitivity to foods and drinks that are hot and cold, gum tenderness, and tooth discoloration. The priority of the treatment is to remove the infected tissue, and then to clean and disinfect the canals, before sealing them to help prevent further infection later. After being supplemented by a dental crown, your tooth will be strong, healthy, and should have the same chance at longevity that any of your teeth do.

Trust in our Lyons root canal to save your infected tooth. Contact us right away to arrange a prompt appointment.

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